Light travellers‘ best friends (III) Swiss knife

A swiss knife is like Internet, you think you don’t really need it, but once you have it, you can’t live without. There are a wide range of swiss knives, from simple „knifes“ until small versions of the Inspector Gadget. The problem with the swiss knife is to decide which one you really need without „just in case“ tools.

We have compared our models and this is the result: read more

Christmas gifts for light travellers

Still looking for gift ideas for Christmas? We’ve got the ideal gifts for light travellers of any kind: business travellers, outdoor fans, “little travellers” and beginners in the art of light travelling.

christmas gifts

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The brick in your luggage- reduce the weight of your toilet articles

Wherever you go for business travels or for holidays you’ ll need to bring a set of toilet articles. To reduce their weight is therefore especially useful and in addition a very good example for how to reduce the weight of your luggage just by respecting a few simple principles.

toilet articles heavy

To make the case I put together 2 sets of typical toilet articles, one “normal” and a light one. Of course I exaggerated a little bit to make the point. The set consisted of the following articles read more

Mini sewing kit in a matchbox

Being a light traveller doesn’t mean to eliminate some simple items that can be very helpful about unexpected situations  but to find ingenious ideas to carry the basics with minimum weight and volume possible. A small travel sewing kit can be very useful to sew an unstitched garment or a button without going shopping.


A simple and lightweight solution is to carry a matchbox with the essentials: some thread, a needle, a safety pin, a hook-and-eye closure and some buttons. Thus you will have them always on hand when you need them in a minimum space.

Ultralight but warm clothing: prepare for changeable weather

If a traveler is planning to travel in winter, to climb a high mountain or to go to an arctic region he knows what to expect and simply has to bring proper equipment. But if you can’t be sure about what weather to expect, luggages tend to get exceedingly heavy as you need to provide for hot and dry or humid weather as well as for cold and rainy days or even snow. This is especially relevant in springtime or autumn or in destinations with different climes or changeable weather. In regions with high differences in altitude one can get beautiful and sunny weather at sea-level while there is snow up in the mountains. Some countries like Argentina or Chile have very different climes from tropical weather in the north to arctic regions in the very south.ultralight but warm

But how can you prepare for cold weather without jamming your luggage? Again the secret lies in the principle of modularity. Instead of bringing tons of clothing you need to combine. Here you’ll find some useful pieces of advice: read more