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Like many others, also the idea of ​​”light travelling” comes from the USA. There started a few years ago a small but growing group of “ultralight hiking” fans, who practice this sport with the minimal possible equipment to hike. Some get to stay in the mountains on several weeks trips with only 5 kg besides food without reducing their  security.

For this purpose, they watch every gram: using a waterproof tarp instead of a tent, cutting the insulation blankets and toothbrushes, eliminating “unnecessary” labels from clothes and material, wearing clothing following the “onion principle” instead of a thick jacket. This weight savings results in a “virtuous circle”: large heavy backpacks and heavy shoes are unnecessary, which saves even more weight.

This trend has advanced and captured attention but also causing unease for some. Some ultralight equipment specialists and established brands in the outdoor market try to develop an offer accordingly.  Despite many interesting offers there is also quite a lot of useless stuff on the market and many manufacturers try to ‘freeride the wave’ sticking a “extra light” label on each standard product. Thus  some objective information and exchange of experience are much-needed.

We are excited about the idea even though (or perhaps because of that) we are the opposite of “light travel artists”. Since the idea of light traveling hooked us, we started to progressively reduce the weight in our travels and in our daily movements and enjoy the new lightness that we won. We want to share this experience. Our goal is to expand the idea of ultralight thinking from the pure extreme of outdoor sport to “normal” travels, alone or with family, and business travels. Anyone who has ever experienced how nice it is to travel light will share our enthusiasm.

Conchi Mayoral started travelling relatively late but soon became her favorite hobby and never loses the chance to discover new places, specially alone for the feeling of freedom and the opportunities for new experiences but also in good company. Working in Marketing involves not only to travel but to organize event logistics, optimizing resources and displacements. She loves outdoor sports like hiking and sailing that allow enjoying nature.

“I’ve always been a mess packing a suitcase. Once, for a one-month language course in another country, I carried 32 kilos of luggage, including a mat for yoga. Another time, on a trip with four friends to Copenhagen, we showed up with four hairdryers and another one in the hotel bathroom… I like outdoor sports and I always carry the largest backpack thanks to my foresight, you never know what can happen in the mountains, even if you’re only to spend a day at 30 miles of your city.”

Jonas Burkard always traveled a lot and loved it. Starting with the typical ‘Interrail’ adventures discovering Europe during school holidays to backpacking tours in South America he was always traveling as much as he could. Working as a management consultant also requires a lot of mobility. Since his daughter was born, traveling has become a whole new challenge to him and his wife.

“I remember a journey to the scottish highlands with a friend of mine during high-school. Me carrying a huge backpack, a tent in my left hand and my guitar on the right shoulder. My friend even outclassed me carrying alongside with his violin a strange drum construction also serving as a container on his back, which was build out of a rain barrel with a wooden supporting frame. Almost 20 years later I didn’t seem to have learned a lot. Leaving for Argentina and Chile I started out with a big and a small backpack- dragging an additional 20 kg wheeled suitcase behind me. On the road I was happy to give away my tent and other stuff to people who really needed it.”

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  1. Delia Blesa

    Did we really bring four hairdryers to Copenhagen? OMG! I did’t remember!!!!!

    Congrats my friend…Love your blog


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