Are you ready for ultralight food?

Good and healthy food is essential to your wellbeing while traveling but it also makes for a huge part of the luggage of every “expedition”. Asking yourself a couple of questions can help reducing the weight for your food and drinks dramatically. Get ready for ultralight food!

1. Can you buy or harvest food on the way?
If your are not planning for a pure outdoor adventure and willing to spent the money going out to eat is a simple and joyful solution. But bringing your own food can help to reduce cost for your travel in a significant way. As many things can be bought in a local market for almost the same price or even cheaper as at home, you should only bring food you can’t buy locally.
In some regions (for example many mediterranean areas) or some seasons (especially in autumn) it is surprisingly easy and a lot of fun to provide for your food out of the countryside. Many traditional fruits still exist in abundance but are no longer harvested as the local people have also abandoned small scale agriculture. Go for them!

2. Can you buy or get water/ drinks on the way?
Water makes for the biggest part of the weight for food and drinks. So the most important question is, if you can provide for water on the road? If not most of the concepts of ultra-light food don’t work neither as they are reduced in weight only by getting dried. If you can’t buy water, it might be better to look for ways to collect and filter or disinfect water instead of carrying the whole water supply on your shoulders.

3. Are you getting in a real bad mood when haven’t eaten “enough” ;)
I know some normally very decent people, which I don’t want to meet when there are hungry. But when you can support to be a little hungry and of course your adventure is not very physically demanding, then it might even be an interesting experience to life on limited resources for a couple of days. Need water every day, but can survive without food for several weeks.

4. Are you ready to renounce warm food for a couple of days?
Cooking equipment oftentimes can take a lot of space in the travelers luggage. Especially when your are traveling on your own or just for a very short time stove, gas, pan or cattle, rinsing agent, and so forth can even be heavier than the food itself. Of course there is nice ultralight cooking equipment and also ways to cook even without much equipment, but the easiest way is certainly to simply renounce to warm food for a couple of days. Coming home after your trip will be a feast ;)

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