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Christmas gifts for light travellers

Still looking for gift ideas for Christmas? We’ve got the ideal gifts for light travellers of any kind: business travellers, outdoor fans, “little travellers” and beginners in the art of light travelling.

christmas gifts

Take a look at our suggestions! read more

The brick in your luggage- reduce the weight of your toilet articles

Wherever you go for business travels or for holidays you’ ll need to bring a set of toilet articles. To reduce their weight is therefore especially useful and in addition a very good example for how to reduce the weight of your luggage just by respecting a few simple principles.

toilet articles heavy

To make the case I put together 2 sets of typical toilet articles, one “normal” and a light one. Of course I exaggerated a little bit to make the point. The set consisted of the following articles read more

IT-Kit for business travels

If you have already decided to implement the philosophy of “travel light” in your business travels, the first key question is: can you manage without your laptop? It may seem risky but the difference in weight and volume in your luggage is important.

Remember that it is not only the computer but the charger, adapters, etc. If you take all your documents prepared with usual files like Word, Excel, pdf, etc you might consider leaving the laptop at home. read more