Christmas gifts for light travellers

Still looking for gift ideas for Christmas? We’ve got the ideal gifts for light travellers of any kind: business travellers, outdoor fans, “little travellers” and beginners in the art of light travelling.

christmas gifts

Take a look at our suggestions!

For beginners
Scarfs and pashminas are multipurpose items during travel, you can use them as a blanket, as towel, to clean, to protect you from sun, etc. Choose one in a neutral color to match as many garments as possible.


For backpackers
An ultralight sleeping bag is useful for outdoor activities and other backpacking trips. If you are generous or in future special occasions you can add an ultralight tent and backpack to complete the ultralight gear.


Image Nordisk Company

For frequent flight travellers
Solids are a good alternative to liquid beauty products. They are not so bulky as liquids and have no restrictions during flights. Shampoo & conditioner bars, soap, solid perfume and toothpaste tabs.

solid beauty products

For business travellers
Still “loading” a laptop in every travel? This is a good chance to eschew a traditional laptop for a tablet.


For littler travellers
A simple, compact, resistant camera is an ideal companion for little travellers. Some models such as VTECH Kidizoom, PENTAX WG10 or FUJIFILM FinePix XP60 are perfect for children. If they are waterproof like NIKON Coolpix S31, much better.

light camera for children

For ultralight food fans
A food dehydrator is the best way to take rich and varied food to a long outdoor trip


For frequent swimmers
A microfiber towel and a turbant (in case of long hair) can be taken in a purse or a small bag.

microfiber towels

Merry Christmas and happy new travel!

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