Light carry-on luggage

When travelling by plane with carry-on luggage only, especially if it has weight restrictions, consider the weight of the suitcase by organizing your luggage. Each company sets its own rules about cabin luggage, so if you need to buy a suitcase look closely the size. Maybe what you buy as “cabin luggage” does not meet the specifications of the company with which you fly.

If you are planning to buy a new suitcase, a good idea is not to exceed the maximum dimensions of the more restrictive company, Ryanair, which are 55 x 40 x 20 cm.

Choosing hard suitcase / soft suitcase is just a personal preference option. Thanks to the development of new materials you can find hard suitcases with a similiar weight to soft ones. So if you prefer this type of luggage, the weight will not be a problem. The soft suitcases usually have an outer pocket which is very convenient to keep thigs such as documentation. This is appreciated when traveling with companies “one person, one piece” where you are not allowed to carry a purse or wallet in addition to your suitcase. Remember that with Ryanair even airport shopping bags should go inside the suitcase.

Among the wide range available we found a selection from the smallest and lightest cabin luggage on the market.

Sahara Spinner
Gabol Coco
Delsey U Lite
Samsonite Upright B-Lite
Hard/Soft HardHardSoft Soft
Size54,5x36x20 cm53x39x20 cm46x37x20 cm50x35x20 cm
Volume40 l33 l39 l 34,5 l
Weight 2,3 kg2,5 kg2,3 kg 2,1 kg


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