Light travellers‘ best friends (II) Freezer bags

Transparent, hermetic, waterproof, resistant to high and low temperatures, reusable and washable, freezer bags are a versatile product with many utilities for light travellers.


Here is a list of the most common utilities:

- To sort and protect garments. Especially during outdoor activities you can clasify the garments (hat, scarf, gloves) and avoid wasting your time looking for them when needed.

- To prevent your belongings to get wet. Keep handys, cameras, etc. in a freezer bag when you go to the beach, in a boat, kayak or backpacking in case of rain.

- To keep wet garments separated from the rest, i.e. swimsuit when you come back from the beach

- As a beauty bag or to transport liquids in your suitcase. The standard one-litre-bag has the required size to meet the airport requirements for hand luggage.

- As pillow. Put some clothes inside (a fleece jacket for outdoor trips, a sarong at the beach, a scarf, etc) and sleep more comfortable

- As garbage bags. They are much more reliable and odorless than common bags.

- To take food and meals instead of big and weight packs such as cans. You can carry even liquid food but avoid carrying inflated bags.

- To cook with them. This is a great idea for backpacking trips reducing your pack weight and eliminating de need to wash the pot after a hot meal. Bring prepacked meals with dehydrated food or complete meals cooked at home and then simply boil water, put it into the bag, seal it, wait ten minutes and ready! In the following link you can read more about freezer bag cooking and get some recipes: trail cooking

- To travel with children. To keep a half eaten sandwich, dirty clothes, as a container if they suddenly feel sick…

Do you know other utilities for freezer bags during travels?

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