Light travellers‘ best friends (III) Swiss knife

A swiss knife is like Internet, you think you don’t really need it, but once you have it, you can’t live without. There are a wide range of swiss knives, from simple „knifes“ until small versions of the Inspector Gadget. The problem with the swiss knife is to decide which one you really need without „just in case“ tools.

We have compared our models and this is the result:
In the red corner, weighting 85 gr. and with 90 mm. long, Jonas‘ swiss knife with:
Large blade
Small blade
Nail file
Can opener with screwdriver
Multi-purpose hook
Key ring
Cap lifter with hex screwdriver and wire stripper

His opponent, in the blue corner, weighting 45 gr. and with 61 mm long, my swiss knife with:
Small blade
Cap lifter with hex screwdriver
Nail file with screwdriver
Ballpoint pen
Key ring

I have used my swiss knife for over 10 years and never had the feeling that needed a bigger one. The blade is small but enough to cut food, strings, etc. (I never needed to chop a tree), the scissors are really useful specially with the first aid kit and the screwdrivers are also really helpfull. Not to mention the pen, one of those usual forgotten items during travels. What I have never used is the light, I always use the handy for that purpose… A real advantage from my swiss knife is that I can travel by plane without restrictions so I really recommend my model or a similar one for holidays or business travels.

But, following my experience, Jonas’ model is better for outdoor activities because of two essential tools:
Tweezers. If you had any issue with a thorn or a thin stick you know what I’m talking about.
Can opener. Did you ever try to open a can with a knife? I did it and I don’t recommend it…

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