Light travelling with children: How to avoid carrying tons of clothes

Clothing with children is a big thing. When we were travelling the clothes of our little one made up for more space in our luggage than for my clothes and the ones of my wife together! At home our washing machine was running almost daily. tonsofcothesThe problem is of course that little children still don’t know how to eat properly and half of the pizza and half of the icecream is inevatibly ending on the clothes instead of in the little ones belly. But how can you avoid to carry tons of clothes for children when one is on the road for more than only a few days?

The following three principles will make a huge difference:

1. You need to wash clothes travelling:
It’s that simple. Instead of carrying tons of clothes you just take a few and wash during your holidays. Oftentimes you might find a laundry shop but it’s also very easy to wash by hand. The only thing you’ll need is a tube of cleaning agent specially designed for travelling and some rope to hang up the clothes to dry. You’ll see it’s easy.

2. Try to avoid stains:
When it’s warm weather and you are outside, why don’t you simply let your children eat without their clothes? Or why don’t you use a special T-shirt you don’t need to wash everytime just for eating. Some natural materials don’t even have to be washed at all. For instance boys in Bavaria used to wear the typical “Lederhosen” which were never washed in years and which almost never broke. Wool clothing has the surprising property of being able to clean itself automaticly. On the contrary: washing wool can even destroy the natural ability of wool to clean itself and to regulate moisture.

3. Dont’t be perfect, it’s your holidays:
Travelling is no beauty contest. It’s perfectly fine to wear the same clothes for several days before washing them- exspecially for children who normally don’t sweat that much as grown-ups.

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