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Christmas gifts for light travellers

Still looking for gift ideas for Christmas? We’ve got the ideal gifts for light travellers of any kind: business travellers, outdoor fans, “little travellers” and beginners in the art of light travelling.

christmas gifts

Take a look at our suggestions! read more

What to pack for the Camino de Santiago

Guest writer: Olga Arribas

Dear Future Pilgrims,

Maybe it is a matter of experience in travelling, or that it was a last minute decision, but I would like to share with you what I packed for the Camino de Santiago, because in my (not so) humble opinion, it worked!


This list may be useful if you are walking from May to September (yes, walking, not riding a bike or a horse…nobody said it was going to be easy). read more

Light travellers‘ best friends (I) Microfiber towels

One of the mayor invention to keep your luggage light is the microfiber towel. You can get them in every outdoor-shop from up to 7 € for a medium sized towel – and they are really magic. They only weight about 200 g and take only a fraction of the needed space in your backpack of a traditional towel.

Light travellers‘ best friends Microfiber towels

In addition they dry very fast due to the great surface of the microfibres. The only inconvenience is that after using the towel you are definitely dry but you don’t really feel it. read more

Bike tour packing list

A bike tour is a healthy way to enjoy an outdoor holiday in company. When planning what to wear the first thing to consider is that you will spend many hours exposed to the weather so you should be specially prepared.

Bike tour packing list

Baggage must go in panniers installed on a rear rack on the bike. Carrying a backpack is harmful for your back and affects your balance. Panniers have limited space and you should optimize the weight of your baggage, remember that you are not going to be on flat ground all the time and on the slopes to much weight is troublesome. read more