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Christmas gifts for light travellers

Still looking for gift ideas for Christmas? We’ve got the ideal gifts for light travellers of any kind: business travellers, outdoor fans, “little travellers” and beginners in the art of light travelling.

christmas gifts

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Light travelling with children: How to avoid carrying tons of clothes

Clothing with children is a big thing. When we were travelling the clothes of our little one made up for more space in our luggage than for my clothes and the ones of my wife together! At home our washing machine was running almost daily. tonsofcothesThe problem is of course that little children still don’t know how to eat properly and half of the pizza and half of the icecream is inevatibly ending on the clothes instead of in the little ones belly. But how can you avoid to carry tons of clothes for children when one is on the road for more than only a few days? read more

No! The good times ain’t over

A child or even two represent new and unexpected challenges to travellers. Many parents just surrender faced with those difficulties without even having tried their luck.

More ambitious holiday destinations become much rarer and if families go for them then to stay in hotels with included childcare. To very easyly parents accept that those good old times of adventures are gone and must be sacrificed for family life. read more