The brick in your luggage- reduce the weight of your toilet articles

Wherever you go for business travels or for holidays you’ ll need to bring a set of toilet articles. To reduce their weight is therefore especially useful and in addition a very good example for how to reduce the weight of your luggage just by respecting a few simple principles.

toilet articles heavy

To make the case I put together 2 sets of typical toilet articles, one “normal” and a light one. Of course I exaggerated a little bit to make the point. The set consisted of the following articles:

The bag: In the first set it is made out of leather. Nice but also quite heavy. The light version might not be so very presentable but is also doing the job.

Shampoo: The difference here is that I used different sizes. Especially when you are just traveling for just a couple of days, there is no need to bring to tow the whole “family pack”

Toosthpaste, skin cream and different pills: The same principles apply to many other articles. You don’t need to bring big quantities but just the amount you really need.

Deodorant and parfum: Glass bottles are particularly heavy. In the first set I brought a whole bottle of parfum while I contented my self with a little flacon in the light version. The first deodorant has a heavy glass container while the second is out of plastic and way lighter.

Hair brush and comb: For many articles there you can just choose to bring a lighter version

Electrical razor and tooth brush versus the good old manual versions: While electrical items like a razor or an electrical tooth brush might be helpful, they are usually also quite heavy. Do you really need them during your voyage?

Nail scissors: In the last case I even added some weight in the lighter version. Instead of bringing nail scissors I use a swiss army knife which contains some little scissors amongst many other useful tools which can serve in many different contexts.
toilet articles light
The difference between the two sets is quite remarkable. The first sets weights 1.900g while the light items sum up to not more than 550g. In this case it is possible to reduce weight by more than one kilo or 75% without any loss of functionality.

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