Ultralight backpacking gear

When you go hiking and you walk around all day carrying your gear, weight counts. The ultralight backpacking is a form of outdoor sport that seeks to improve the comfort through a radical reduction in the weight of the backpack.

Image Nordisk Company

For ultralight hiking you have to learn to eliminate unnecessary things and optimize clothing and food, but the most important is to have a basic gear (backpack, tent, sleeping bag, mat) as light as possible.

Fortunately, gear manufacturers are increasingly offering quality equipment with a significant reduction in volume and weight, that your back and your knees will appreciate. Look at the difference between hiking basic equipment trails and ultralight equipment.

Backpack2700gGolite Quest 1450g
Sleeping Bag1500gFerrino Lightec 750 750g
Mat 800gMammut Light Pump570g
Tent2500gNordisk Telemark 21000g
Total 7500g3770g

This is a difference of 3.7 kilos of weight you carry on your back. This weight difference allows walk lighter, faster and more comfortable and enjoy your outdoor trips.

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