What to pack for a trade fair

Are you attending a trade fair as visitor or exhibitor? Prepare yourself for an exhausting experience with long days, networking activities and no free time. How to make it light and comfortable?


Here you have some guidelines:

Light luggage
Choose a light and comfortable suitcase. If you are travelling by plane check your airline’s carry-on baggage restrictions to avoid extra fees. If you are considering buying a new one, read this post with practical information light luggage

Take a personal bag (purse, laptop bag or small backpack) to carry every day to the fair.

trade fair suitcase

Classic wardrobe
Forget new experiments and stick to classic style for your main looks. Choose a wardrobe selection which makes you look professional and feel comfortable for a long day. The good news are that you are not going to meet the same people every day so you are allowed to repeat wears. Black, grey and navy blue for jackets and trousers or skirts and light coloured shirts and blouses which match the rest of the garments offer a neutral and „business“ outfit. If possible, take some shirts or blouses that can be easily washed in the hotel and don‘t need ironing. A little black dress is a winner option for a dinner with customers after the fair.


Don’t pack your suit jacket but wear it onto the flight. If you do need to pack it, fold one of the shoulders of your suit jacket inside the other to avoid wrinkles.

Choose one or two pairs of shoes which look sharp and are exceptionally comfortable (you are going to wear them during long days standing most of the time)

trade fair accessories

Don´t forget to carry accessories, they are the key to create different outfits with the same garments.

In addition to the normal rules for toiletries for light travellers (liquids, aerosols and gels under 100 millilitres, bring free samples, never to pack what the hotel can supply, etc.) think about bring some toiletries every day to the fair (deodorant wipes, for example)

Bring something to make you feel comfortable
You are not going to have a lot of time to relax and rest, bring something that make you relax and disconnect from work. No matter if it’s a book, a video game or a beauty kit. It’s your time and you have to enjoy it!

Choose the hotel carefully
A hotel that can provide services like laundry, free wi-fi would be very useful in case of needing. Ask if they have hairdryer and shampoo or gel. A hotel near the exhibition or, at least, well connected is very practical. Take a look at recommendation web portals like TripAdvisor to have user’s information.
Let the others work for you! The hotel personnel can recommend you a good restaurant, find information about the city, call a taxi, etc. Ask for help.

Are you an exhibitor in the trade fair? Extra tips

Make a Checklist With the information of all the suppliers for the exhibition (transportation company, hotel, catering) and include the contact person and telephone number

Bring a camera to take pictures of the stand, other exhibitors and other things that will help to plan next fairs.

Don´t pack it, send it. Don´t make the mistake of bringing with you materials such as brochures, audio-visual programs, give aways, promotional material or product samples, send them directly from your office to your hotel or exhibition via courier

And don´t forget the trade fair kit:

trade fair kit
Scissors (essential)
Business cards (at least one of your colleagues is going to forget them)
Pens (they disappear every day)
First Aid Kit (including: aspirin, ibuprofen, throat lozenges and eye drops)
Sewing kit

Cables and charges for laptops, monitors, etc.
Extension cords
Batteries (don´t mind if you are not bringing anything that needs them)

trade fair kit

Paper sheets
Stapler (and staples…)
Paper clips
Rubber bands
Safety pins
Scotch tape

Permanent markers
Packing Tape
Tool box (hammer, screwdrivers…)

Cleaning material (at least glass cleaner, paper towels, garbage bags and a brush)

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